We make our know-how, our machines and our employees available to you. At the same time, we offer you the joint development of innovative products, individually tailored to your needs.

Direct or sectional


The warping plays a crucial role in the preparation for knitting and weaving. In this central work step, the yarn previously wound on bobbins is piled onto weaving warp beams and partial warp beams. Up to 1600 threads can be warped onto the beams.



Rapier- and air-jet looms


In the weaving mill, the warped warp beams are mounted on the weaving machines and processed. With our park of air and rapier weaving machines, we offer a balanced ratio of flexibility and cost-effectiveness.



Unraveling the secrets


The partial warp beams from the warping department are used in the knitting department. Knitted fabrics are produced here that are particularly elastic and stable.

Our machine park offers the opportunity to process particularly fine material with our knitting machines and we can also sew over fleeces with our Maliwatt machines.



Adding an extra layer


With our lamination machine we have the opportunity to combine textiles, films and membranes with each other. Widths of up to 2.5 m are possible.



Making it whole


With our wide washing machine and our stenter frames, we offer the possibility of finishing previously produced knitted and weaved fabrics. Here the textiles can be given special properties, such as flame-retardant or water-repellent finishes.

We can also carry out coatings according to customer requirements on our most modern clamping frame.



Cultivating ideas


Eureka – as Archimedes of Syracuse is said to have said – I have found [es]. Our innovative strength helps us to position ourselves in a future-proof and environmentally friendly way. But we can only achieve this together with you.